gramCS - Czech grammar app

This is the 4th in a range of language apps and eBooks that has been released. More enhancements and updates to come during 2021.

Concise B-level grammar display app

The app displays and shows hundreds of endings, organised in a structured and logical way. The aim is to have most of the forms displayed within five clicks.

Easy and Simple to Use

On your phone or on your wrist, most forms are only a few clicks away.   

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Privacy & gramCS app

There are no privacy related items in the app. No tracking, no recording, no saving of personal information. Technical device information may be transferred on a non-personal basis if the user accepts that within the settings of iOS, but only in cases of software crashes, and this is handled by iOS and Apple.


Watch app is included in the app. 


License agreement


Contact through web
Phone: phone support is not available for this item. For support queries, see this link.

Links - updates forthcoming

Link to app on the App Store
Download user manual for Watch app - coming
Download user manual for iOS app - coming
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