zlent solutions

Solutions designed for excellence.
Our solutions empower your activity. Our design philosophy is for you to be in control. Solutions instead of dependencies. 

We are a group of professionals whose competences span wide areas. Combining these create solutions that solve. We think therefore we create.

Solution design

Our main feature is the design of solutions.

We are not bound to boxes, but create solutions that work in various fields. 

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Policy analysis

Making policies productive. 

Finding all weak links and dead-end routes in your policies. Is every concept crystal clear? We analyse the practical impact of your policies.

In the United Kingdom we are also offering Brexit-related analysis, policy development and impact assessment, taking into account the latest changes to this saga.

Publishing company 

Our language services has grown to the point where we decided to move the app and eBook-business  into its own entity as a publishing company, run by our selves. promoting sensible and productive literature. Stay turned for more!

Language services

We offer translation services between a selection of languages. Contact us for a quote!

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